Friday, 20 January 2012

Stripes Women's Blouse

Stripes Women's BlouseStripes Women's Shirts Blouse
Brown/white striped blouse and light blue/white striped blouse

Brand: Milano Blouse
Tailored fit, Wide collar, Broad one-button cuffs, Rounded hem.
Length in size 36 approx. 59cm
100% cotton

Striped Women's Blouse - When wearing stripes remember not to overdo it. By this we mean - don't try to look too stripy! For the best look, wear stripes blouse with only one print and match with something in a solid colour. So if you're wearing a vertically striped women's shirts blouse, combine this with some white skinny jeans or black leggings. You can also add a blazer to this outfit to subtly bring out the stripes on the shirts blouse, and give you a highly polished finish. This way your striped blouse will casually fit in with the rest of your outfit and there will be no disastrous clash!
When choosing what type of stripes to wear, consider the occasion. If you're looking for some office wear, a vertically striped dark blouse can look amazing, giving you that stylish office appearance.

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