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Women's Shirts Blouses

Blouses for Women. Sometimes women are envious of their male counterparts because men have it easy when it comes to clothing. When shopping for blouses for women, there is a never ending selection to choose from. We have frills, laces, straps, belts, buttons, zippers, shiny things, beads, sequins, embroidery, long ones, short ones, and ones that tie. Is it any wonder that we spend so much time looking? Men have no clue as to all the possibilities the blouses for women offer. However, and this is a big however, this is a huge advantage for us ladies. For as many blouses as there are for women, there are as many different kinds of women. Not all sizes fit one; and one does not fit all blouses.

Women's Shirts Blouses

Blouse shapes:
The overall idea is to "even out" our bodies; to give the illusion of equal proportions. Some were naturally born with equal proportions, but for those of us who weren't, it's wonderful that we have choices. Thank goodness we have the opportunity to choose and shop around.

Blouses for women that are loose, long, straight-cut, however tapered are great for women with larger hips and a little tummy bulge. This type of blouse streamlines the physique of the slightly chubby. These blouses are not suited well for women with a pear-shaped body. These types of blouses are great for office wear, tucked in or left out of straight-legged pants.

Blouses for women that are short and/or tie around the middle are great for women who carry most of their weight in their legs and bottom. This figure is known as pear-shaped. The accentuation around the middle draws attention away from the legs and creates the look of an hourglass figure. To give an even greater illusion of an hourglass figure, choose a blouse which has shoulders with ruffles and/or shoulder pads.

Blouses for women that feature an apple-shaped body look well in blouses that pull in around the middle but flair our at the hips. This gives the illusion of an hourglass figure. Also, opting for a belt is a great addition to this look.

Women with larger busts bode well for a form-fitting top around their bust. Choose a blouse which falls loosely from underneath the bust to lessen the appearance of a large bust. In addition, choose a blouse which features short to long sleeves and a lower neckline without showing too much cleavage. The lower neckline will cut the bust-size down by a half or a third depending on how low the neckline.

Blouse collars:
Deciding which collar to get is almost as important as the cut and length of the blouse you choose. For women with round faces, opt for a collar which is deeper and narrower giving the effect of a longer face. For a woman with a long face, choose a collar which is shallower and wider. For a woman with a v-shaped face, wear a neckline which is square-shaped. On the flip side, a woman with a square-shaped face does well with a v-neckline.

Blouse colors:
Blouses for women who are apple-shaped should wear darker colors. Darker colors will minimize the appearance of width. Likewise, vertical lines are great to make one look leaner and slimmer. Blouses for women who are pear-shaped do well with light, bright, and vibrant colors and/or blouses with bold patterns as this combination draws attention away from the lower half of the body.

Thank goodness for all the selections we have to achieve the desired body shape we want without fretting over countless hours at the gym. Real women have real bodies. Real women want real clothes. Have fun on your next shopping spree. Don't worry over the clothes you don't fit; be happy for the ones you do. Dress wisely and celebrate your body. These are words to live by.
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