Friday, 27 January 2012

3 4 Sleeve Women's Shirts

3 4 Sleeve Women's Shirts
3/4 Sleeve Women's Shirts
Brand : Russel Athletic
Material Composition: Fabric 97% Cotton 3% Elastane
Weight: 140 gsm

Seven button placket with matching colour buttons. Elbow length sleeve with split cuff. Darts on back panel and on front from bottom hem to bust for fitted ladies shape. Stretch fabric for added comfort and fit requires minimal care.

3/4 Sleeve Women's Shirts

At a store and can't find a shirt with sleeves that are long enough? Go for a 3/4 length sleeve women's shirt. You're supposed to bare your wrists with this style perfect!

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Blouses in Style

office blouses women
Blouses in style

Blouse in style: Designer Blouses - Various Styles to Suit Your Mood

Designer blouses has and always been one of the hottest and most resilient trends recognized and loved by women all over the world. For women who'd want to present a certain appeal or image to the public, a designer blouse will always come highly recommended. So with this being said, regardless of whatever mood you're in or whatever appeal you have in mind, rest assured that the designer blouse you wear will be able to help you convey that message across clearly.

So, what are some of the most popular designer blouse styles out there today? Here are a few that you might want to start off with:
  • Smock - The smock style blouse is getting back to its more popular roots. With numerous improvements and changes, designers have been able to bring this traditional design up to date and perfect for the modern women. Boasting a V-neckline with a smock style waist, the design will work perfectly with most women.
  • Structured - The structured blouse is the type that most women wear. This is because of its versatility and the comfort that it offers. Perfect for any occasion, structured blouses can serve as an accentuation or an eye catching piece that can set you apart from the crowd.
  • Cami Blouse - Many designers have taken the meek look of the cami blouse and embedded it with bold and complicated designs, making it perfect for women who would like plenty of compliments and attention when heading out.
  • Cuffs - For those who want to achieve the sophistication and elegance of the French, a cuff designer top with long sleeves and cuffs is just the thing. The top will make any woman look strikingly beautiful especially when paired with skirts or pants.
  • Ruffled Blouse - For quiet sophistication and elegance no matter the setting a ruffled blouse with long sleeves is the perfect choice.

Blouses in Style

Alexander McQueen ruffled silk blouse

Of course the basic blouse will still remain a popular staple in a woman's wardrobe regardless of the times. Whether it's worn for pleasure, business, or even leisure, blouses can prove to be priceless additions to the style or image that you would want to convey. Of course you might also want to consider getting more than just one or two designer blouses added into your collection for those extra special occasions. Get the latest trends with the different variety of designer blouses that matches your fashion style.

If you're looking for such blouse designs, click on clothinguniverse at, you'll surely be able to find one or two blouses that will perfectly suit the style you have in mind.
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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Women's Short Sleeve Shirts Blouses

Product Description:
  • Brand : Premier Ladies Short Sleeve Poplin BlouseLadies Short Sleeve Shirts Blouses
  • Lifestyle : Casual, Work-Utility
  • Easy care fabric.
  • 65% polyester/ 35% cotton poplin.
  • Soft collar.
  • Fitted style with bust and back darts.
  • Light blue and white have pearliest buttons - rest have self colour buttons.. Weight: 105 gsm
Short sleeve dresses combine the beautiful femininity of dresses, and the comfort of having sleeves. You don't have to worry about showing off hairy underarms. They are also the ideal choice for you if you are slightly muscular, or have thick arms. These outfits hide the muscles and the flesh on your upper arms that make you look fat, and thus, give you a very good look. You can look as sexy and as fashionable as you desire.

These clothes are the best choice for hot summers when it's really too hot to be wearing full sleeves. You can also get them in formal wear, so that you feel comfortable as you go for work. These clothes are available in various colours that can be chosen as per the occasion and the season. You will be able to maintain your fashion status at all times with the help of short sleeve dresses.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Women's Button Down Blouses

Women's Button Down Blouses

Button Down Shirts BlousesWomen's Button Down Blouses
Women's Button Down Blouses

Red or scarlet is a classy, elegant color that can go with special outfit. There are many scarlet shirts blouses for women in various styles, sizes, and designs. These shirts can be inexpensive or quite costly, depending on the brand, style, and size. Most women own the standard button down blouse. This type of shirt can go underneath virtually anything from a cozy sweater to a nice business suit. A shirt like this can be worn for a casual painting weekend or to complement a pencil skirt for an evening out.

A button down blouse is another popular option for women suit. This too can go with almost any outfit. The big difference in button down shirts for men and for women is the way they fit. Men's clothes are generally straight all the way from top to bottom. Women's tops are much more fitted. When you want to buy a women's button down blouses, make sure you find a woman's shirt that fits you correctly. Since they tailor from the bust to the waist, they can be too narrow or too large, depending on your frame.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Lace Women's Blouse

Lace Women's Blouse

Blouse with lace
Lace Women's Blouse : Patrizia Pepe Signature Blouse With Lace Details On Shoulders
Product Details

One of the most classic things you can wear with a suit is a basic, lace women's blouse, with the collar folded over the lapels of the jacket. This is a timeless look that never goes out of style. It looks very sharp and professional every time you put it on.

People sometimes ask if they can wear camisoles with a professional suit, and yes you can. Especially if it is in a contrasting color. However, if you do, you should keep your suit jacket on the whole day. Showing shoulders does not fit with business attire. Generally, the more skin you show, the less likely people are to take you seriously in a professional situation.

Lace Women's Blouse. A variation to the camisole is the lace top. Again, keep the jacket on the entire day, when wearing anything sleeveless. An all lace or partial lace top in a pretty color can be a great way to change the look of a pant suit. I would advice you to avoid black lace though, because it can give the impression that you are wearing lingerie.

Blouses For Weddings

Pink women's blouse

Silk tops and blouses, the perfect solution for summer weddings. Summer weddings are delightful occasions and of course they represent the perfect opportunity for us ladies to treat ourselves to something really special to wear. With so many summer dresses on display though, trying to find something a little out of the ordinary but truly stunning can sometimes be a challenge.

Although competing with the bride should never be an option when attending a wedding, naturally we all want to look at our glorious best, not least because those wedding photos and videos are going to be around for years to come. For the mother of the bride in particular, her choice of outfit is very likely to come under the spotlight and so choosing something stylish, elegant and tasteful is absolutely vital. Whether you are just a regular guest at a summer wedding or are taking a more active or center stage role in the proceedings though, a simply stunning way to stand out from the crowd is in a beautiful and uniquely designed silk top or blouse.

Wearing a suit to a summer wedding is not only an extremely smart and stylish choice, but also a highly practical one, especially for church weddings. The temperature might be scorching outside, but often church buildings can be cold places which require you to wear an extra layer of clothing such as a jacket. In addition, while a skimpy summer dress might look great in the photographs and at the reception, many church officials frown upon the wearing of outfits which leave shoulders, backs and cleavages exposed when you are standing in the house of God. In a suit, however, you can remain appropriately attired throughout the ceremony and then achieve a quite different look when you remove your jacket later.

Brown women's blouse

At the same time as choosing a suit for a summer wedding, obviously you will need to select a suitable blouse or top to wear underneath and ideally this should be one which will look stunning in its own right when worn alone with the skirt. As most suits are plain in color, try to go for a top or blouse which features a design containing a shade which coordinates or contrasts perfectly with the color of the suit. Because the blouse or top is almost certainly going to be fully on display at some point during the day, always try to choose the best quality that you can afford too.

One of the best types of tops for summer wedding are silk tops and blouses. The fine 100% pure fabric is not only extremely classy and elegant, but its amazing properties will also ensure that the garment helps to keep you warm while you are inside the church, but cool when you are standing outside in the sunshine and dancing the evening away at the reception later. The entirely unique designs which can be found on some silk tops and blouses, meanwhile, will ensure that your outfit has its own completely distinct and individual look of class and elegance.

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